4 Real Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

“Money can’t buy happiness” is a phrase that we’ve all heard. Material things alone aren’t all you need to uphold long-term feelings of happiness and contentment, and there is an argument to be made that a person’s mental health and attitude towards life is what can truly define happiness, but you would be hard-pressed to find someone that disagrees that having money makes them happy.

Money definitely affects how a person feels. These bursts of happiness may be temporary, but having short moments like such (along with the other necessities of love, comfort, etc.) can make a person’s life feel more meaningful and fuller. While money is often seen as the enemy, here are 4 very real ways where money can make you feel happier.


It might seem counterintuitive, but charity the best way to harbor happiness. In fact, giving money away is said to actually bring more happiness than earning money in the first place. It is also a good way to condition yourself to not be obsessed with it, which leads to negative emotions like greed and selfishness.

When you give money, you feel more abundant in your wealth. This also relates to the law of attraction, which says that giving money away helps your make more money by making you feel wealthier.

You can decide the level of charity that you want to partake in. Obviously, this will depend on several factors like your income, social status, and expenses, but it can be something as simple as paying for your friend’s lunch or funding charity initiatives. Serving others will make you feel more content and kindness harbors personal happiness.

Your Basic Necessities are Fulfilled

There is no greater purpose for having money than to fulfill your basic needs. Not having to rely on anyone for things like food and shelter brings feelings of empowerment and confidence, which contributes to your overall happiness. Think about a college kid finally leaving the cocoon of their parents and getting their first job and finally being able to afford an apartment.

Obviously, as wealth increases, luxury purchases will bring incremental happiness. There is a difference between being able to afford a can of corned beef and being able to afford a prime steak, but even the first of those will bring you a level of happiness as you were able to take care of yourself. Quality of life and happiness levels may fluctuate between stages of wealth, but there’s no denying that fulfilling your basic necessities makes you happy.

Being Debt-Free

Being stuck in debt is one of the most demotivating things that can happen to a person. Credit card bills, medical bills, EMIs, etc. can build up and be exacerbated by unexpected incidents such as losing one’s job. Once you’re in the cycle of debt, it is like quicksand – you keep getting pulled in further, and climbing back out becomes a mammoth task.

Having more money doesn’t always equate to being debt-free if you aren’t able to manage it properly. But using money wisely can pave the path to a brighter financial future – one that is debt-free, and happier, too.

You Can Spend Money on Meaningful Things

Think of the ways in which you can spend money to add value to your life – not just physically, but emotionally. For instance, what would it mean for you to pay for your kid’s college education, or what would it mean for your loved ones to receive something extra special on their birthday or other special occasions? Money makes this possible, or at least easier.

The next time that you are considering an impulse purchase, think of whether spending money on that thing will add meaning to your life, or would it just be another materialistic show of your wealth? Keeping the “big picture” in mind will help you get more out of your money in terms of long-term fulfilment and satisfaction.