5 Pet Hacks That Can Save You a Lot of Money

While most people are aware that adopting a pet means that you’ll have to take on quite a bit of emotional responsibility, they may fail to consider the financial responsibility that also comes along. From pet food to grooming and medical expenses, you’ll find yourself with a bill after bill. Of course, all of these are worth it when it means you’ll have a loyal companion by your side who will always love and have your back. The joy of having a pet is unbeatable!

But what do you do to make sure that your four-legged best friend isn’t putting too much of a dent in your bank account? Here are some of the best tips to help you budget your pet’s care and save you loads of money.

1. Regular Visits to the Vet

It may seem counterproductive to take your pet to the vet more often than seems necessary, but small short-term expenses keep massive long-term expenses at bay. Just like with us human beings, diagnosing a medical problem earlier on gives the animal a much better chance of fighting it. Not only is this crucial to keep them healthy, but it also saves you a lot of money that would go into treatment. For example, heartworm prevention for dogs costs about $5 to $15 per month, but treatment for it can cost over $700! Canine cataract surgery costs around $2-3k and kidney transplants will easily rack up a bill of $7000 or more!

2. Search for Local Veterinary Colleges

If you are unable to afford to take your pet to the vet often, you don’t have to give up taking your pet for regular checkups either. A quick search on Google will let you know if there are any veterinary colleges close by. They often offer pet care services at a very discounted rate and are always looking to increase their patient list. You don’t have to worry about putting your best friend in the hands of students either, because they are always supervised and have accreditation for treating animals.

3. Consider Pet Insurance

Lifetime coverage of pet insurance can range anywhere from $2000 to $6000. While you most probably won’t end up using all of it for any particular treatment, it’s just insurance that you won’t have to choose between going broke or saving Mr. Fluffy’s life – if it comes to it. For instance, pets are now offered radiation therapy – among other treatment options that were once reserved for humans alone – and this can cost more than $7,000! Most pet owners will do anything for their furry buddies and pet insurance is a great way of ensuring that you aren’t hit with an unexpected bill that you cannot afford.

4. Purchase Pet Food in Bulk

Obviously, your pet needs to eat too! You can find yourself spending almost as much on pet food as you do groceries on your run to the supermarket. But like most things, you can get pet food at a seriously discounted rate when you purchase in bulk. For instance, PetCo sells a 4.4-pound bag of organic dog food for $10. Accordingly, a 28-pound bag of the same brand should cost $63, but it sells for just $34 – almost half the price! You can even pitch in with fellow pet owners (friends, family, neighbors) if you find that it’s too much for you.

5. Save on Accessories

Just like parents of a new baby can go crazy with all the gadgets, clothes, and accessories that they buy for their bundle of joy, pet owners can tend to spend excessively on their bundle of joy too! But your furry friends just don’t care about that cute pet costume you spent $50 on! We’re not saying don’t buy any accessories at all, just that you should be smart about it. For instance, most basic pet toys that can cost up to $10 at premium toy stores can be bought at the dollar store for… a dollar!